Clytemnestra  ♛  The Killer Queen 

Agamemnon’s coming home. He’s climbing the stairs, the sun is behind him. He’s clanging with brass like a war-bloated idol, the leather thongs, of his armour are squeaking. Take it off, I don’t want it! I don’t want the animal smell of his mouth, or his hands with their black-rimmed nails – those hands rip off my clothes as if I were some corpse on a battlefield, and under his nails the flakes and fuzz from the clothes and hair of the slain are probably still rotting. 

Maybe I’m really not a woman. 

I don’t want to scream and squirm with mortal pleasure, pierced by that gleaming weapon of his, soaked in gobs of sweat stinking of his regal power, trapped under his body trickling its sticky death-juices on me; I hate the high-pitched bitch’s whimper that will escape my throat;  I hate the wave of languor that will embrace me and the doughy, pitted neck above me when I open my eyes. O son of Atreus! That’s how Troy, outstretched, writhed under you. Your arrows target anything alive, elastic, quick – Is it the doe? Briseis? or hot female blood flowing down thighs that makes you the victor, able to draw blood from a body like the sinless man water from a stone?It wasn’t lust or beastliness but bestiality to have conquered Clytemnestra and the doe and Cassandra, Mycenae and Troy. 

Maybe I’m really not a woman. 

Agamemnon’s coming home, and the shadows smelling of darkness and sweat
                  are growing longer.

-Oksana Zabuzkho

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